Typical ScrewPile Drawings

Screw Anchors were required on 9 miles of 30 " & 36" pipelines located in the flood plains and wetlands
Over 1,500 Screw anchors were installed offshore Nigeria to stabilize 4" and 6" pipelines against storm currents.
30-ft ScrewPiles, with 360° brackets, were used to stabilize a 6" pipeline against a 10-knot current. This pipeline spans across a channel running through Mustang Island, TX & is15 ft. off bottom.

Glossary of terms referring to Screw Anchors & ScrewPiles:

Earth anchors, mechanical anchors, helical anchors, auger anchors, guy anchors, tie-back anchors, foundation anchors, concrete anchors, concrete weights, set-on weights, concrete coated pipe, helical piles, helix, pipeline anchoring, engineered pipeline anchoring systems, hydraulically installed anchors, power installed screw anchors
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