Pipeline anchoring solutions using screw anchors
and ScrewPilesTM for more than twenty years.
AnchorPipe has installed more than 100,000 hold-down screw anchor sets and ScrewPile pipeline supports in hundreds of applications worldwide. AnchorPipe will engineer, fabricate, and install an anchoring system to permanently stabilize your pipeline. For most projects, we furnish the material, hydraulic anchor drive motors and technical support. Our technicians monitor the installation torque to assure the design holding capacity (10,000 lbs. to 125,000 lbs.) is achieved. The owner, or their contractor, will furnish the support equipment (crane or excavator) and the labor. We also offer turnkey services.

In most cases, ScrewPiles and screw anchors hold more and cost less than alternatives such as concrete pipeline coating, set-on weights, or bolt-on weights. Normally, the savings are greater than 50%. The installed cost of screw anchors on a 36" pipeline, designed for 1.45 s.g., can be $11 per foot of pipeline. The cost for 18" pipelines runs about $7 per foot. (These estimates are subject to specific job conditions.)

Applications benefiting from screw anchors and ScrewPiles:

Offshore Solutions
  • Pipeline stabilization
  • Span rectification
  • Storm current & scour protection
  • Surf zone & beach approaches
  • Well / Valve guards & revetment mats
  • Outfalls & risers
  • Coral & rock anchors

Onshore Solutions
  • Marshes, flood plains, wetlands
  • Pipelines to be inundated
  • HDPE pipelines
  • River & creek crossings
  • Bulkheads & Tie-back anchors
  • Foundation anchors
  • Above-grade pipeline supports

Companies we have worked for worldwide include: Alcoa, ANR Pipeline, BP Amoco, Chevron, Chevron Nigeria, Clark Port Arthur Pipeline, Dupont, Enron, Explorer Pipeline, Exxon, MW Kellogg, Marathon, J Ray McDermott, Midcon Texas Pipeline, NGPL, Pacific Gas & Electric, Phillips, Stingray Pipeline, Tepsco, Texas Gas, TXU Pipeline and Zaire Gulf Oil.

Given the scope of work, pipeline parameters, and geotechnical data, AnchorPipe will recommend the engineering and design of the anchoring system to meet the requirements of the job, following ASTM and API standards and guidelines. If necessary, we will determine the loading and soil conditions present.

If you have an immediate need for pipeline supports or hold-down anchors, please complete the Pipeline Data Sheet or contact us today so that we may submit a proposal for your application.
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